I'm Lily, 19, from Stafford.
I work at Starbucks, I'm studying psychology, I like analysing people ;)

I talk too much or not enough, you'll probably think I'm shy when you first meet me, but once I get to know people I'm quite the opposite. I like to share my random thoughts ;)

I'm vegetarian (not the animal activist kind though, although I do love animals, especially turtles/cats/sloths). I love dancing but I'm probably not as great at it as I think I am. I don't do mornings, at all. I like going for walks at night (not alone though, or I'd freak out.) I don't like surprises.

Not that any of that is relevant, but yeah. :D ♥


Mattia went to the cinema with his dad so here I am.

All alone.

All bored.

I’m going to paint my toenails black.

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